2020 DaxiDaxi - Lord Guan Online!

2020 大溪大禧 之 關公Online!


DaxiDaxi, A modern religious Festival in which contemporary design joins folk beliefs.




在氣氛低迷的2020上半年,已沉寂數月的生活百業隨著關聖帝君聖誕日到來,不少人期盼著此時感謝關聖 帝君的照顧、賜予自己與親朋好友平安與福氣!因此,2020年大溪大禧將結合大眾祈求平安之心、時逢需要被療癒、振奮與鼓舞之時,以及不可錯過的大溪人一年一度感謝並恭賀關聖帝君聖誕的虔誠信仰,打造一場別開生面的「關公online!」城市祭典!讓人不論何時都能跟關公保持連線,分享一年一度的平安福氣。也象徵關公無所不在,隨時都守護著大家!活動則以「復興祭典生活」為策劃主軸,挖掘、研究並復興逐漸消逝的珍貴信仰風俗,在文史典藏、居民記憶和生活習俗的挖掘過程中與在地產生對話,藉由藝術設計的轉譯和輸出,與在地宮廟、社頭、店家居民和參與大眾聯手,建立一座立體的信仰生活史詩,讓延續百年、年復一年的六廿四歷久彌新,引領人們重新閱讀624、重現與生活的連結,讓這部醞釀百年的大溪信仰生活學閃閃發亮。


“DaxiDaxi” is developed as a pre-celebration and a modern take of the significant religious ceremonies for the birthday of "Lord Guan" (Guān Gōng) in Daxi City. Lord Guan’s birthday celebration is so important that the local people call it “the second Chinese New Year for Daxi”. 

In the pandemic year of 2020, at the time when everyone needs healing and encouragement, Daxi Daxi prays for safety of all in the local area. With Lord Guan Online, a creative offline and online approach is adopted that will allow the blessings of Lord Guan to spread far and wide, unbroken. In 2020, Daxi Daxi is in its third year. In future, it will bring more effective influence to bear with regards to cohesion and internal building and more joint creation with local partners and external town brand marketing; we will also deepen the identification of local people with their own culture. This year’s Daxi Daxi will continue the idea of last year of letting tradition return to life; with Recreating Festival Elegance as the curating theme, stocktaking the ceremonies, ordinary people’s customs and sequence of pilgrimage culture that have been derived from Welcoming the 24th Day of the 6th Lunar Month from past to present will be done and the precious belief customs that are gradually dying out unearthed and studied so that the life lessons of Daxi belief passed down over 100 years can be seen by the general public and locals alike.

LOCATION|Taoyuan, Taiwan
PROGRAM|Curating / Exhibition