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2019 Creative Expo Taiwan – Infrastructure On the Move

2019 臺灣文博會 — NEXT 鐵道博物館




Inspire future imagination by walking through the track of the past.

A section of the fence surrounding one of the dismissed areas that are going to constitute a modern heritage, i.e. the former Taipei Railway workshop, has been made into an observatory to the site and the process of its conversion. Not only, but also an exhibition and a spatial experience were installed finally creating a meeting point between the heritage site and the public space of the city. Instead of a fence, a metallic lattice with various opening and a folded platform was put in place. These, not only offered unobstructed visual continuities and viewpoints of different elevation, but also a series of spaces integrating information and audio-visual experiences. Indeed, a led sign integrated with the main door provided a continuous strip of information, two slopes the vantage points for taking pictures and reading about the site, and a stage with audio system the possibility for events about the historical soundscape or simply contemplating the modern remains.



展覽策劃|衍序規劃設計 - BIAS Architects
建築設計|陳漢儒建築師事務所 - BIAS Architects
音樂製作|A Root 同根生

LOCATION|Taipei, Taiwan
PROGRAM|Curating / Exhibition / Construction
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