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All Before Public Space


An exhibition about design, public space, and the city of Taipei




Public space is a hell of a thing. Indeed, it is made of the space, but also the use of the space, and the meaning in relation to the city and the life of the people.

Unfortunately, today we must change it. This is a very difficult task, due to the substantial complexity of public space. There are two reasons behind this change, that corresponds to the pedestrianization of our cities: the first is the need to reduce car usage; the second is the need to promote street shopping in the light of the recent socio-economical transformations and the development of tourism.

The complexities at stake demand that the collectivity starts walking and using public space before that an actual transformation takes place. Actually, since there is not so much time, the cultural and spatial transformations should happen together.

How could this be done? The curating and architecture must be combined. The curatorial programs must include spatial objectives and the architectural project should include curatorial aspects. Public events should promote the discovery and the use of public space, too. The process of public space design should be made public for to let the people understand and collaborate to the development of the city.

This is what we do at BIAS. This is what we think must be done in Taipei. Finally, this is what this exhibition showcases and participates in. It showcases the design process behind the test project for the pedestrianization of Old Taipei Walled City, and the happenings of Taipei Nuit Blanche 2017, both designed, curated, and executed by BIAS Architects.

If the exhibition is part of the pedestrianization project because it is an attempt to make it public, the Nuit Blanche is part of the exhibition because it is an attempt to unveil the potentials of public space, but also because it promotes new activities and walking in the city.

Greatly interested in the architectural and social aspects of public space, thus practicing design as well as curating, BIAS Architects cultivates a collaborative and empowering design methodology that is centered upon a continuous dialog between the firm and the local developers or partners. BIAS is devoted to finding new ways of thinking architecture, landscape, and the urban environment through experimental design methods and issue-based curating.
LOCATION|Taipei, Taiwan
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