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2019 Daxi-Daxi

2019 大溪大禧


DaxiDaxi, A modern religious Festival in which contemporary design joins folk beliefs.






“DaxiDaxi” is developed as a pre-celebration and a modern take of the significant religious ceremonies for the birthday of "Lord Guan" (Guān Gōng) in Daxi City. Lord Guan’s birthday celebration is so important that the local people call it “the second Chinese New Year for Daxi”. 


In 2019, the modern religious festival was going to mobilizes the whole city. There are three important goals for 2019 DaxiDaxi, one is to introduce the traditional religious parade to the younger generation, another is to promote participation of local communities, and the other is to city and deepened the connection between modern design and traditional beliefs. Therefore, BIAS developed a special training class for children to join the parade. A photography exhibition was also be held and collected the stories and images of those who carry the God Generals to show the long-lasting connection between religious and people. Certainly Daxi Daxi couldn't be without the creative recombination of traditional religious parade, a series events started from “Marching with the Gods”. When the night came, it was time for the digital arts night party “Dancing with the Gods”.  By means of all of these, 2019 Daxi Daxi has deepened the connection between creation form young generation with the historical city culture. The abundant supply of culture energy effected everyone who came to the ceremony.


🏅 獲獎 Award

2021 A’design Award (Italy) /Event & Happening Design - Silver Award

2019 LaVie 台灣創意力100 / 年度10大創意展會

2019 金點設計獎/ 整合設計類入圍

2018 Taiwan Design BEST 100 / 年度最佳概念展覽活動

LOCATION|Taoyuan, Taiwan
PROGRAM|Curating / Exhibition
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